General Jarque and Plinky Recto

General Jarque and Plinky Recto — what do they have in common? A very influential lawyer. And gangster. And landgrabber. The ex-boyfriend. Plinky’s that is. Plinky’s ex-boyfriend (others call him the estranged husband) is the reason why General Jarque joined the communists.

Plinky Recto was once a Close-Up model and since her name ends with a Recto (big name, with a street named after it) she got some airtime in Philippine showbiz buzz but now enjoying her time as a Pilates instructor. Ralph, the senator and husband of Vilma Santos, is her brother. She has a civil case against her influential ex-boyfriend and now she’s back in the news.

Plinky found her courage to speak up partly with the help of Gabriela. After filing a civil case against Magdaleno Peña, she went to The Buzz to talk about some of the details. She never mentioned Pena’s name, but she did say something about Jarque’s case. The rest you have to check online, she says. It’s all over the net, so I had to compile them here.

The number of battered women in the Philippines is rising. They just found a new spokesperson with Plinky’s face.

Related notes:

Plinky and Pilates

Plinky spent another million to import equipment such as the Cadillac, Barrel and Ladder, Wunda chairs, and Reformer machines from California. “But the courier lost my machines weeks before I was to open, and I had to hire someone for three weeks to track where the machines ended up. The people from Sacramento thought the Philippines had only one port,” Recto says laughing. When the machines finally arrived, she had trouble getting them released because the government people had no idea how to classify them for tax purposes. [source]

Who is General Jarque?

Jarque headed the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division in Negros island in 1991-1992, and was credited with turning the tide against the communist New People’s Army guerrillas who had broad support among the rural poor.

In 1995, he surprised the public when he announced he decided “to go underground to wage revolution,” adding he had “come to understand and acknowledge the justness of the struggle … by my erstwhile foes.”

In 1996, Jarque served as a consultant for the NDF panel in the peace talks but became less active after the government and rebels signed an agreement on human rights in 1998. In 2001, he became a security consultant for the Philippine National Oil Co.-Energy Development Corp. [source ]

General Jarque sought the protection of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) after he was unjustly accused of crimes he did not commit. He became a consultant for the NDFP during peace negotiations with the Manila government in 1997. [source]

Jarque was acquitted after 12 years. The article below was published in June this year.

“I feel vindicated,” Raymundo Jarque, a retired brigadier general who defected to the New People’s Army, declared after learning that the Supreme Court and the Sandiganbayan acquitted him of the six cases filed against him more than 12 years ago.

Jarque, military affairs consultant of the National Democratic Front, was the military commander in Negros when sugar planter Magdaleno Peña filed the cases against him.

Doubting that he would get a fair trial, Jarque, who had served the military for 33 years, fled to the hills and joined the NPA. [source]

Children: Capt. Rene Jarque, Raymundo Jr., Melissa (resident of Texas, USA)
Wife: Xenia (also written as ‘Zenia’ on the papers)

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  1. Jarque

    Its really nice that you put in information about my family on your blog… I didnt know much about my family history but since the recent news about Uncle Raymundo my dad decided to make me surf the net about our family history he himself use to be in the military in the philippines and now living in Australia…

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