Lito Camo’s Boom Tarat Tarat and Prior Art

If someone in the past borrows from folk or pop culture, he shouldn’t be invoking intellectual property right. There’s this thing we call prior art.

Lito Camo gave a warning in TV Patrol: He said he has given only one politician (Zubiri) the “exclusive rights” to use “his” song as campaign jingle and will sue anyone else who uses it without his permission.

But is Boom Tarat Tarat just his song? Check the tune of The Farmer in the Dell and A Hunting We Will Go, both traditional children’s songs. Lito Camo had always been borrowing from pop and folk culture. Bulaklak‘s chorus borrowed heavily from an action song that kids play on the streets, for one. And the phrase “boom tarat tarat” is from a Boy Scout chant / camp fire song.

Topic Name: Boy Scout chant “Boom Tarat”
Topic Description: Just want to inquire if it is correct to say that the popular Willie Revillame (Lito Camo) song “Boom Tarat” was taken from one of the camping chants of the boy scouts. I believe I have had heard and chanted this before during my scouting years.

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Sampling is a common thing nowadays. But claiming that you what you don’t is a different thing.

sampling is the act of taking a portion of one sound recording and reusing it as an instrument or element of a new recording.

The funny thing is, the politicians believed him. Kasi si Zubiri nga lang ang nag-bu-boom-tarat-tarat!

Zubiri campaign video at YouTube

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Padyak sa kanan,
Padyak sa kaliwa
Umikot ng umikot at humanap ng iba.

By the way, whatever happened to the case of Chandeliers and Pinoy Ako?