Now that YouTube is Google, the rest would have to make their own. The rest will be focusing on copyright protection and revenue sharing. Something like the old way of doing business.

The new venture, which doesn’t have a name yet, will also allow users to download movies and TV shows to own and play back whenever they want. At first, however, the focus will be on showing video streams of hit shows – with ads – such as NBC’s “Heroes” and Fox’s “24.” Fox is owned by News Corp.

The online partners for the new business include Yahoo Inc., Time Warner Inc.’s AOL, Microsoft Corp.’s MSN, and News Corp.’s MySpace. The new network will also make shows available on its own Web site.

The impetus behind the venture is to provide an authorized, copyright-protected and ad-supported alternative to YouTube, which has turned into an enormously popular online destination, with some of its hits coming from user-uploaded shows from television. [source]