Google Paper then Google Package

Google starts testing its shipping business by introducing Google Paper. Your GMail copy via snail mail. Later, Google will be offering to ship the goods you ordered via Google Checkout. Sigh, I still want my Google Gulp. But all you get are ads at the back of your paper mail or the full color photos (on photo paper). No free drink on a bottle with a brim that can analyze your saliva and tell you what kind of person you are with matching AdSense.

Sad part: Service is offered in US only. So if you want to send you sister or Mom in the US some pictures, just send them via GMail, and then they’ll request to have it printed and they’ll get it from their mailman. Ayos!

Sounds better than Google on Print News. The advertising is more targeted without the advertisers exactly who you are. But will the stacker not read your mail before stuffing it into an envelope?

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