Globelines Speak and Surf, Bayantel SPAN and PLDT Landline Plus

It’s hard to find information about PLDT Landline Plus — a landline over cellular network combo — but I found about Globelines Speak n Surf and Bayantel SPAN. And Digitel MANGO.

Globelines Speak n Surf
For P700 or P800 a month you get a wireless landline and wireless internet connection! Neat!

Bayantel SPAN
This service runs on CDMA standard at P750 a month with unlimited calls and TXT messages with the SPAN network. A neat way to launch their mobile service. Nagsimula muna sa landline. Available in Metro Manila and selected provinces. My guess is that ‘other provinces’ would include areas where there is a strong SKY or Bayantel DSL presence. Wireless internet bundle still being planned.

PLDT Landline Plus
No installation needed. Just sign up, and pay P499 (that’s a cute P500) for monthly dues and less than P200 for the monthly handset installment payments.

It’s still a cellular phone because it takes advantage of SMART/PLDT cell sites. But the phone won’t fit inside your pocket since it looks like a regular home phone minus the wires. more here ». No internet bundle as of yet.

Digitel MANGO
I almost missed this one. Mobility Access Network for the Man on the Go (MANGO) is a wireless internet-ready landline.

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I just realized this is nothing but wireless loop network (WLL). Bleh, old technology that was dug up because, suddenly, CDMA is in again! And talk about WiMax and 3G that gives this resurrection worthy of a thousand trumpet calls.

I’m beginning to think dual-mode quad-band mobile phones are hot! For example Nokia 6680 has dual mode WCDMA/GSM operation and tri-band GSM coverage on up to five continents (GSM 900/1800/1900 and WCDMA 2100 networks). Nokia 6151 is even better as it is a more recent model.

Also of interest: Broadband AIRNET (or OI)

14 thoughts on “Globelines Speak and Surf, Bayantel SPAN and PLDT Landline Plus

  1. Erico

    The bayantel Span is cheaper now at Php 699 a month. The internet is priced at 0, 150 and 300. They have desktop units and cell-phone type units like nokia 2125. You can check out for more info.

  2. brad pit

    Hey! Introducing Pldt Landline, Plus Gusto nyo mag apply Txt nyo ako sa 0920 7305040

    Ang Pldt landline plus ay available sa area ng Rizal,Laguna,at Pasig may mga piling Probinsya na inoofer ito pero sa ngayon d2 muna sa mga Lugar na nabangit. Sa antipolo andami ng nag aply Kc pati sa bundok ng buso-buso malakas ang cgnal..

  3. gregorio magallanes

    Nakabili po ako ng wireless landline, inaactivate ko po ang high-speed internet access sa (02) 412-1212, subalit pag nakaconnect na po ako nawawala ang call, maski tumawag po sa ibang landline numbers, napuputol po ang aming paguusap makalipas ng 5 minuto, gusto ko na po sana, naisauli ang phone un 15 days money-back guarantee, di na po nagpapakita ang ahente ko, di po nasagot sa number na binigay sa aking. Sana po maaksiyonan po ito.

  4. tina

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    SmartBRO has the nationwidest coverage, it’s faster than a dial up connection, no phone line needed, and it’s an unlimited broadband access for only P999 per month.

    Free installation, antenna will be installed within 2 to 3 days after settling the initial payment.

    Apply na sa Pambansang Broadband!! Simply Amazing!

  5. liza

    Bumili ako ng wireless landline (Bayantel )last week ( January 9,2008 ) at sabi nila hindi puwede sa lugar namin sa ILOILO dahil sa signal. ang exact na lugar namin ay Brgy. PAKIAD, OTON ILOILO. gusto ko malaman kung available ang internet connection sa lugar namin.magkano ang charge sa internet connection per month. at saka automatic ba ang internet connection sa wireless bayantel ko na binili? pakisagot naman ASAP ang mga tanan ko dahil andito ako sa Dubai ngayon. Maraming Salamat.



  6. ian paul

    Hi there! i have a bayantel wireless with internet.unfortunately NONE has mentioned that the credit limit is only 2,000.00. They already cut my line without prior notice about the credit limit unlike any other brands/competitors.One of the OIC I already talked to and said I was exempted from beind cut to internet service BUT it did not happen. I WAS SO DISGUSTED WITH BAYANTEL SERVICE!!! Hope they will respond to every concerns of their clients

  7. Annie Pe

    We would like to speak with someone who could provide information (both verbal and printouts) for possible internet connection with voice in our Company. Perhaps if you could also give a one-week trial for such service/s, it would be most appreciated.

    You may call our landlines at: 899-2311 or 729-0365, or send me a reply on my email address.

    Thank you.

  8. ktd

    My latest encounter getting my connection fixed. Called on tuesday morning Aug 10th 2010 reported no dsl signal, the call center employee apologized and told me their tech’s would fix the problem as soon as possible.

    Called Wed morning asked them when their tech’s were gonna start working on my connection, The call center employee said a tech would come to my house sometime today Aug 11th. Waited all day no tech showed up.
    Called the 211 tech support call center Thursday morning and told them no one came on wed, the call center employee apologized and said i would now have to wait 12 days for another on site visit.I informed the call center employee that i would cancel my account before i wait a total of 16 days for someone from globeline to start working on my connection and that’s dependent on if they even show up this time as scheduled.

    Decided to stop wasting my time with the Globeline technical support hot line and went down to the local office at 1pm. Talked to a rep about the problem and he made a phone call and told me a tech would come to my house. A repair team showed up about 4pm and checked the telephone pole outside and there was no signal which means the problem was between that pole and the facility box. The
    tech informed me that they didn’t have a key to open the box so they would tell some other tech’s to check the box on Friday.
    Woke up Friday morning and my connection has been finally fixed.

    To recap

    Tues – no attempt to fix my connection

    Wed – no attempt to fix my connection and a no show on the on-site visit.

    Thurday – Repair crew shows up at 4pm not prepared or equipped to fix a internet connection.

    Friday – Connection restored at around 9am.

    It took Globelines 4 days to fix a internet connection that could have been fixed in 15 minutes. I had to call numerous times which were a total waste of my time and had to go down to the local office in person to get them to start working on the problem.
    As a customer paying for a service i find this level of service unacceptable and globelines needs major improvement in the way they service their existing accounts.

    1. I don’t need a call center employee to tell me their tech’s will fix the reported problem when in fact no one is working on it.

    2. When a on-site visit is scheduled it would be nice if someone showed up.

    3. Reporting a no show from Globelines on-site visit the next day and informed that since the tech
    did not show up i now have to wait another 12 days for the next available tech is just retarded.

    4. When a repair crew goes to fix a connection problem they should be prepared and equipped such as having a key to open a box.

    5. Globelines need to staff their tech support call center with people who are able to do more than and generate reports, they should be able to make a phone call and resolve problems instead of saying sorry our tech didn’t show up but now you have to wait 12 more days for the next available tech.

    6. I should not have to call numerous times to coordinate the repair efforts on my connection, I should not have to make a on-site visit to the local Globelines office in order to get a 15 minute repair job done. If i had not done these things Globelines technical support hot line employee’s would have me waiting an additional 12 days on top of the 4 days i had already waited for another on-site visit that they may not show up for again.

    I would hope who ever is in charge at Globelines takes the time to improve the response to reported problems someday as the process that Globelines currently employs appears dysfunctional and broken in it’s current state.

  9. ktd


    Thought it was fixed on friday morning but turns out even tho i can now connect to the internet i am getting around 30% of the speed i am supposed to get. My 3mb dsl connection wont speed test faster than 0.7 – 0.8.
    When i first got it hooked up i speed tested the line and got 3.2 to 3.4.

    Called Globelines about it and was informed of a area wide network problem and was told the internet was down in my area. I informed them that i could connect but it was less than 1mb download speed.

    They said a tech would look into it, Saturday afternoon a tech shows up and tries a different modem which made no difference and then left. While he was here he said there was a major upgrade going on somewhere.
    Getting problems now where i can’t connect to most sites like google, yahoo, etc…Still connecting to some sites tho.

    Sunday morning, can’t connect to most sites altho i can connect to some.
    Called repair people again. They said they will try and send someone out later today.
    Sunday afternoon and i can connect to most sites but still only getting 30% of the speed.

    To recap…

    First report problems to Globelines on Tuesday Aug 10, 2010 its now Sunday Aug 15th and still not fixed.

    Globelines has alot of excuses but i really can’t understand why a major telecom like Globelines needs weeks to fix a internet connection.

  10. kulit

    gusto ko po sana mag aply ng internet di ko alam kung anong magandang linya sa antipolo ng maia alta..ka aaply ko lang sa wimax pldt walang signal sa antipolo kaya balak ko ipaputol na…help naman po kung anong magandang linya sa antipolo ng maia alta…this is my number 09276007260

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