Google as the next ad broker and offline audience metrics provider

Can Google become the next ad broker for television, radio and print in the US and eventually in the Philippines? At the same time, would it be able to threaten AGBNielsen in the field of viewer metrics? Give it five years and if the KapamilyaKapuso network wars were still present, then the delusional fans would be saying bad words to Google Metrics or Google Adwords Offline or whatever its going to be called.

Google turned targeted online ads into a $10.6 billion business, and it has been pushing into offline advertising with the promise that its automated online-auction system can revolutionize traditional, inefficient ad markets, including radio, newspapers, magazines and now television. »

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Business intelligence is the most detrimental thing to the advertising world. Think about it: If you couldn’t produce real-time ROI metrics would you really want another company trying to monitor your faux statistics. »