Goodbye, Marky Cielo

A series of deaths, like an unending blow of Sagada’s December cold winds (OK, Siberian winds if you wish), came before the big news. Pacquiao won. No, not that.

It’s Marky. He’s gone. So in between talks of burial dates of people who died in their sleep or jeepney or due to old age or some heart condition, I hear people saying Marky’s dead. I receive TXT messages confirming Marky’s death.

Some articles:

  • Marky Cielo’s last dance
  • Marky Cielo’s death: Bangungot or suicide?
  • It seems like it’s too early for a goodbye. So maybe, when I look up at the December night sky, I should say, hello, Marky. How is it like to be home?

    8 thoughts on “Goodbye, Marky Cielo

    1. yen lazaro

      for me marky is a guy who’s really got a golden hearted that gods created for him.. a good son, a good friend either, and such a good actor….
      and he acted his life like a shooting..may be for some reason his personal problem wont be capacitated to his.. that’s why he committed suicide to end all the endeavor problem that he wont settle….may you rest in gods land…have rest in peace

      yen lazaro
      candaba pampanga

    2. SaDdNeSs

      Marky i’m g0na mis y0u. Sometimes i keep on asking bkt ikw pa? Madami naman jan na masasama ang ugali, bkt ikw pa? But we dnt knw the plan of God ryt? Marky u always makes me smile. Wherever u are i knw u are happy. Dancing God. I wil never 4get u. May u rest in peace. I love you! (i cant help crying :'( marky..our marky..)

    3. SaDdNeSs

      Sa lahat ng ngssv n drugs ang dhlan ng pgkamatay ni marky cnungaling kau. Bka kau pa ang gumgawa n0n. Pwede ba kng wla kaung mgwa s buhay manahimik n lng kau sa banga. Patay n ung tao cnicraan nyo p.

    4. gien an igorot girl

      oh>>> my god until now hindi ko matanggap ang pgkamatay ni marky… feeling ko buhay parin cya..

    5. ermark dulnuan

      marky my idol,nakakalungkot isipin na mawala ka pero talagang hindi natin hawak ang ating buhay it’s our creator..wala tayo magawa…but anyway marky you open the door for the igorots to enter in the showbiz industry. we do hope that more of our tribesmen will follow your foostep..whatever the reason why you’re died.. i just pray for you soul..may you rest in peace…

      baguio city

    6. ms.broken hearted

      marky i will miss u,,whatever people says ur olways be da marky cielo i’ve ever known……..

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