Noynoy: fish ball (Inquirer) vs. fish bowl (Philippine Star)

Remember the time when Manila Bulletin, ABS-CBN and Yahoo News killed President Arroyo because of proofreading lapses?

Now it’s Inquirer’s time to goof:

While he was comfortable talking about politics, Aquino wants to keep his love life private.

He said he already asked his youngest sister and popular TV host Kris not discuss his love life in public.

“I talked to my sister and I did ask her that’s the part of my life that I want to be private as it can’t develop in the public like in a fishball . I think she understood it; She texted me and apologized,” said the senator. [Maila Ager, Inquirer]

PEP, an entertainment site, entertains us all by turning it into a “brewing controversy.” Erwin Santiago reads a blog entry (over at Chuvaness) and since he probably has nothing much to write about, composed the link/flame bait.

The Philippine Star writes it correctly:

Noynoy said he had talked with Kris and “I did ask her that that is the part of my life that I want to be private.”

“(It cannot develop) you know in a fish bowl and I think she understood it and she agreed. She texted me and she (Kris) apologized. I’m used to it (his sisters being focused on him) and I’ve talked to Shalani,” Noynoy said. [Aurea Calica, Philippine Star]

Someone commented that Chuvaness is connected to the Erap camp.

This is what happens when you have nothing bad to say about a candidate. He has vanishing hair, unpressed pants and unimpressive rhetoric. Nothing heavy. So when a goofy news writer hovering about him makes a mistake, he absorbs the error.

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